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  • Pet Profile:  Truffle Needs a Home

Pet Profile:  Truffle Needs a Home

Pet Profile:  Truffle Needs a Home

Those Yoda ears. That nose you just want to boop with your fingertip. It’s hard to believe that six-year-old Truffle hasn’t been adopted yet. She’s overwhelming cute and an adept kerchief model, but has been in foster care with Asheville Humane Society since February 15, 2016. Asheville Humane Society thinks that she is a Jack Russell/Beagle mix, and her foster mom thinks that she is a Jack Russell/Corgi mix. Whatever her breed, she is stinking adorable and ready to find her own devoted human. Just look at those imploring eyes.

If Truffle may seem slightly prickly at first, it is only because she has experienced a great deal of hurt for such a small pup. Truffle came to Asheville Humane Society as a stray with painful masses on her tiny body. Although she longed for physical affection, the slightest touch was painful, and would cause her to cry out and send her into a state of confusion. Truffle had become so accustomed to associating pain with touch, that she would exhibit wariness and fear whenever anyone reached to pet her. Those masses have been removed and her body has mostly healed; however, the psychological effects have lasted and she needs patience and love to warm up and unleash her sweetness and exuberance. Like all the best people and animals, she takes time to get to know. But once you get to know her, you realize that she is a treasure. She has bonded with several of the staff members at Asheville Humane Society and they describe her as an “absolute joy.”


Since Truffle is a sensitive soul, she needs a human who is willing to take the necessary time and effort to build trust. Asheville Humane Society thinks that an older individual or a couple might be the best fit for her needs. She does still have some joint pain and takes medication each day with a bit of cheese. Truffle requires gentleness, so she is not too fond of children, but could possibly live with another dog or cat if they share her energy level.  Truffle is also housebroken, and although she has not been crate-trained, she prefers having a safe hideout, so it would not be a particularly difficult endeavor. Truffle is best suited to a quiet environment, and even has a self-imposed bedtime between 9:30 and 10:00 PM. She adores her bed, making her the perfect companion to potato with. She currently loves draping herself across her foster mom. And while she sleeps, her tongue even hangs sweetly outside the side of her mouth, making her an excellent Instagram subject.

If you have room in your heart and your life, Truffle would make the cuddliest fur baby. Please contact Asheville Humane Society at if you are interested in meeting her and making her a part of your family.

UPDATE!! Great news! Truffle has found a permanent home with her foster family. Congrats, Truffle! Enjoy your new life!