I’m not really sure where to start. One might most easily “start at the beginning,” but without a clear picture of when everything began, that’s not a logical starting point.

I suppose the first thing I need to address is why the Devoted Human website, once a lively e-commerce site selling American artist- and craftsman-made pet products out of Asheville, NC, is now this meager little blog based out of Baltimore.

The quick answer is that all the planning, prep, finances, lofty goals, support and love that a new business may have doesn’t always equate to success. And even if a big, bold, wonderful idea was destined for greatness, stability often doesn’t arrive within the time that the entrepreneur has to make it work.

For me, a personal crisis escalated in the midst of trying to get Devoted Human off the ground. It made me realize that my devotion to my company, my partner, and a town that I loved was greatly outweighed by the needs of my family back in my home state of Maryland.

And so I moved back in a rush during the summer of 2018 to be closer to my family and friends and start life anew once again.